About us

Polcarpet company entered the carpet business in 1980. Our target is to provide our customers the greatest variety of exclusive carpets with the best certificated quality and competitive prices. As leaders of our market, we are always working on new product developments and differentiation. Our company two big warehouses near the city of Athens. 
Our productions are made only in qualified factories with ISO and quality control certification. Most of our products are also qualified with OKEO-TEX Standard 100.


Our carpets are certificated with OKEO-TEX standard 100. The factories we are producing our collections are qualified with ISO 9001 and quality control certifications.


Polcarpet company was established in 1980. The company started imports in wall-to-wall carpets business from Belgium and later we became the official representative of Balsan
Factory in Greece. In the late 90s the company focused on hand made and machine-made carpets.
Polcarpet since 1990 have strong collaborations with all big hyperstores in Greece. Until today we have gathered huge knowledge and attained skills on how to serve big retail stores with the most efficient and productive way.
Today the company owns one of the biggest exclusive collections on machine made carpets. Our products, that are only made in qualified factories, in all ranges of prices fulfill our customers and market demand, making the company leader on carpet business in Greece and Cyprus.